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Weekly Update – Week of January 23, 2017

Earlier this month we welcomed the 110th General Assembly to Nashville. As both the House and Senate are doing organizational work this week, we wanted to take a few minutes today and do some legislative housekeeping as well. Whether it’s through these weekly legislative updates (look for them every Monday morning), our social media feeds, or from our field staff, we promise to make sure you have information in hand to help Tennessee’s students be ready for success.

Up first? Both the House and the Senate leadership appoint members to their respective Education Committees. In the Senate there is the Senate Education Committee and the House breaks the work into two committees: House Education Administration and Planning and House Education Instruction and Programs. We’ve linked to all three Committee websites – take a moment to look through them and get to know the elected officials who comprise them. You’ll be hearing from and about these leaders in the next few months!

We’re introducing something new this year we know will be a hit for you and our staff- Facebook Live. Our inaugural Facebook Live is coming in the next few weeks; we’ll be sure to share that information here next week. Make sure you’re following our Facebook page and keep an eye out for a Live notification. These moments will be great opportunities to join in the conversation, ask questions, share concerns, and get up-to-date information you can share with your networks.

Like you’ll hear in so many classrooms across the state – it’s important to begin with the end in mind. The end for us is every student in Tennessee ready for success. Though we’ve seen a great deal of success over the last several years, our work is not done. Continued support of our four priorities is necessary to moving Tennessee’s kids toward that goal. We believe work supporting our four main policy goals will get Tennessee’s kids to that goal. We are committed to high academic standards, to fewer, but better tests, to more publicly-funded choices in education, and to accountability for everyone involved in the classroom.

Thank you for being a part of this work with us. Whether you send emails to your legislator, meet with our field staff, are a part of our Facebook Live events, or read these emails each week, we couldn’t do this work without you.v

Weekly Update – Week of January 10, 2017

The Christmas decorations are packed away, the snow is – mostly – gone across the state, and the gavels fell in Nashville today. The 110th General Assembly is underway and we are excited about this first legislative session and the work to protect and advance Tennessee’s historic gains in education.

We wanted to share our statement with you on the start of the 110th General Assembly:

“We continue to be encouraged by the mandate issued by Tennessee voters last August and November that the state’s recent academic gains are worth protecting and should be continued. Last spring, when Tennesseans for Student Success announced an aggressive air, ground, and data campaign to take the message of student success across the state, we were overwhelmed by the strong support expressed for the policies that have led Tennessee to become the fastest improving state in the nation in education.

“Over the last seven months, we’ve talked to 50,000 Tennesseans and heard directly from parents, teachers, and community leaders about the importance that legislators maintain a focus on the student-center reforms that are driving the state’s record achievement gains. As a result, we will continue our advocacy and outreach work in 2017, combining out grassroots and field efforts with our legislative focus, we look forward to championing student success in the legislature in Nashville.

“We will continue that successful strategy in this legislative session as we work to defend and promote our four priorities for student success: accountability for everyone involved in Tennessee’s classrooms, fewer and better tests for Tennessee’s students, more publicly-funded choices for Tennessee’s parents, and high standards for Tennessee’s future.  Combining our grassroots and field work with our legislative focus, we look forward to championing student success in the legislature in Nashville, in classrooms from Clarksville to Collierville to Chattanooga, and in homes across the state.”

This isn’t work we do alone and are grateful for all our partners, volunteers, champions for student success, and friends who share with us the goal to make sure every student in Tennessee has an opportunity to succeed. Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, and our weekly updates for opportunities to join us and let your voice be heard! We’ll share more in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for new and exciting ways to be involved. To join this important work, sign up at and become a Tennessean for Student Success.