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Go Vote!

Have you voted?

There’s still time. Election Day is tomorrow. Tennessee is ranked in the bottom of voter participation rates nationally, and while the early-voting turnout is encouraging, it’s critical to get to the polls tomorrow and cast your ballot.

Next year, Tennessee will have a new Governor, new members in various education committees, and new faces in the Tennessee General Assembly. We’ll have new initiatives. And we’ll have new opportunities to support Tennessee’s classrooms. We’ll join you in continuing to support the people, priorities, and policies that lead to growth and achievement for every student. Looking to see how your current legislator supports Tennessee’s kids? Check out our annual Legislative Scorecard and see how Tennessee’s General Assembly stacks up.

If you voted early, you have our thanks. If you haven’t? Go vote tomorrow. Here’s a link to find your polling place. Thank you for raising your vote for student success.

Weekly Update – October 29, 2018

“What can we do to help students be ready for success in life?”

It’s a question we get, and ask, a lot as we’re out and about in Tennessee meeting with teachers, parents, community leaders, legislators, and students themselves. There’s no singular answer or one magic thing we can do to make sure our kids are ready for success when they graduate from our schools.

But we know there are a few things we can do – have a strong teacher in every classroom, expect growth from every student, and make sure every student in Tennessee has an opportunity to be ready for success. Of course, that’s on top of the four priorities Tennesseans for Student Success believes create a statewide environment where success is possible.

You might have seen on Facebook and Twitter, or in your child’s school, that last week was our yearly focus on EPSOs – early postsecondary opportunities. These are classes, accreditations, certifications, and opportunities Tennessee’s high school students have to learn how to succeed before they even leave our classrooms.

We wanted to share with you a note from our President and CEO Adam Lister on the power of EPSOs:

The students that come through our classrooms have to be prepared for success when they leave our doors. In high schools across Tennessee, a form of that preparation is an Early Postsecondary Opportunity (EPSO). Through Advanced Placement classes, early trade certifications, dual enrollment opportunities, and other EPSOs offered by school districts, students can get an early chance at success. We are grateful for the existing opportunities in classrooms across the state but will continue to push every school district in Tennessee to step up their offerings and provide more opportunities for success.

Here’s a link to learn more about the early postsecondary opportunities for the students, classrooms, and schools in your world. Every opportunity our students have to succeed today is another way we can encourage their success tomorrow. Thanks for all you do to make sure Tennessee’s kids have an opportunity to succeed.