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Weekly Update, January 7, 2019

Welcome to 2019! We hope your year is off to the right start and your Christmas season was full of good memories. If you’re looking for ways to make sure this year is the best one yet, make sure you’re following our Facebook page. We’re sharing a tip a day for success in the new year. Follow along with #31for365 and share your tips for winning the year.

Tomorrow we’ll be welcoming the 111th General Assembly. They’ll gavel in at noon, and we’ll be sure to share pictures on our social media feeds. With a new General Assembly comes new committees, new leadership, and new members. We look forward to sharing the good work happening in Tennessee’s classrooms with them all.

If you’re new to our legislative work, we wanted to take a minute and fill you in. Each week we’ll send out an email highlighting information you need, legislation that’s up for debate, or a vote that’s taking place in committee. From time to time, we’ll ask you to reach out to your elected officials and raise your voice for Tennessee’s kids.

Each session we host a Legislative Day on the Hill and invite you to come and join us for a day of speakers, committee hearings, and meetings. Mark your calendars for February 26th and make plans to join us!

We’re certain the first session of the 111th General Assembly will be a great opportunity to continue the work for every Tennessee student. We hope you’ll be a part of the efforts for continued high academic standards, fewer, but better tests, more innovation in education, and accountability for everyone in our classrooms.

We invite you to stop by our advocacy center and send a short note to your elected officials encouraging them to support Tennessee’s students. Thanks for being a part of this work with us. 

Weekly Update – December 4th, 2018

In football, there are rankings. In classrooms, report cards. And now, in Tennessee, there’s a new website that shows you how your school and district stack are performing. Have you seen it? 

Released today, the new state report card looks at six different categories of student success that are indicators of how Tennessee’s kids are performing: academic achievement, student academic growth, chronically out of school, progress on English language proficiency, ready graduate, and graduation rate.

Each school receives a ranking from 0-4 based on achievement and growth in these six categories. Ratings are based on either how well the school is doing on each particular metric or on how much the school has improved in a metric over the past year.

We wanted to share some thoughts from our President and CEO Adam Lister on today’s release:

“If we share a common goal of increased student success, we must also champion accountability and know how and where each school is tackling the critical work of student achievement and growth. Tennessee’s new and improved State Report Card is intended to be a useful tool for engaging parents, teachers, community leaders, and all those who work to improve every classroom, every grade, and every school for every student. While politics resulted in this year’s Report Card leaving out valuable overall scores for every school, we hope this Report Card will further energize conversations around the dinner table about how each of us can support and improve public education.”  

Take a look at your state’s report card and see how your school is doing. We encourage you to use this dashboard of information as a jumping off point to conversations with your friends, community leaders, and elected officials on how your student’s school can continue to improve. As always, we’d love to help facilitate those conversations! Drop us a note and an invitation – we’re big fans of continuing conversations to help make sure every student in Tennessee has an opportunity to succeed.