It’s critical that communities work together to assist students who are pursuing a degree or certificate, step into the career or job that will help them thrive. Career and technical education is important because it allows students to pursue an area of expertise that isn’t usually found in a conventional general education classroom.

While exploring the incredible partnerships our state has to offer, TSS came across a remarkable collaboration between Nissan Group of North America and TCAT Smyrna. Dan Caldwell, Senior Manager of Learning Pathways at Nissan, leads a manufacturing training group for three U.S. manufacturing plants, and his team serves a population of 17,000 employees in their professional and personal growth.

One of the programs Nissan touts was birthed through a partnership with the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce and is an externship for K-12 teachers. Nissan brings teachers onsite to work alongside their employees, so teachers understand first-hand the skills and competencies Nissan requires, as well as the opportunities they offer. These teachers gain a clearer understanding of what happens in the manufacturing plant and the numerous job opportunities that are available for their students.

Watch below as Mr. Caldwell shares about a career awareness event Nissan sponsored with Smyrna Middle School and the opportunity each middle school student had to learn about the innovative opportunities that are available in their own community.