A good test serves as an academic check-in confirming our students are on track for success and that our teachers, schools, and districts supporting their growth. Every day, every nine weeks, every semester is an opportunity for student success. If we wait until the end of the year to see if our students have mastered the content for the year, are ready for success in the next year, we won’t know if we are failing them. The work that is happening in our classrooms is far too important – with lasting implications – to take a “wait and see” approach to student success.

Good tests, ones that accurately and fairly measure what our students know, where they are growing and achieving, and where they need more support, are critical in student success. Good tests are also critical to quality classroom instruction. A test aligned with high academic standards also aligns professional development opportunities for our teachers helping them focus their personal improvement in ways that further supports students.

Fewer, but better tests are a critical tool ensuring Tennessee’s classrooms are on the right path to success.