There’s something about a new year that brings out the goal-setting in all of us. We’re big believers in setting goals, making a plan, and celebrating success. We wanted to share with you a few goals of ours this year:

– Promote student success in the General Assembly. Last year was a good year for defending and advancing the policies that help support Tennessee’s classrooms. Take a look at our Legislative Scorecard for more info and to see how your representatives measured up.

– Encourage our fellow Tennessee citizens to support the people, policies, and priorities that lead to student success. With an election coming this year, we’re even more determined to make sure the next Governor, State Senators, and State Representatives are ready to support our classrooms.

– Help our friends, families, neighbors, coworkers, and teammates get involved in this life-changing work. Whether you’re sending an email once a month to an elected official or spending time with us this fall helping to spread the word about our priorities, there’s a place for you. We’d love to add your voice and help speak up for Tennessee’s kids.

We hope your new year brings about new goals. We’re cheering you on.