Tristar Reads is in its final stretch with ONE WEEK left!

This week, we are highlighting superheroes who display leadership and honor the rules of the road. Read below for this week’s Superhero Challenge and learn about ways you can use your superhero powers these last weeks with Tristar Reads

Superheroes are Leaders

The truth is everyday superheroes are leaders

Many of the traits we’ve talked about over the summer have been qualities of a leader ranging from optimism, to humility, courage and using encouraging words. Leaders tend to do the right thing in trying circumstances, they treat others with respect, they aren’t afraid to take risks and they admit their mistakes. While being a good leader is easier said than done, when encountering obstacles, these traits will help you be prepared for the situations that may come your way. 

Throughout the school year, begin to take on the mindset of a leader in order to tackle the homework and challenges that are thrown your way each day.

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Superheroes abide by the rules of the road, especially when riding their vehicles on the road. 

Watch Robert Johnson, Safe Routes to School Manager at Walk Bike Nashville, as he reads Bicycling Rules of the Road: The Adventures of Devin Van Dyke by Kelly Pulley. 

Click here to view the video.

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