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Summer Update – July 31, 2017

As the first day of school draws near, we’re certain that Tennessee’s students, teachers, and standards are on the right track.

Last week, Tennessee’s Department of Education released the 2016-17 End of Course TNReady scores. While the scores contained only high school measurements, due to the TNReady rollout of 2016, the results are worth celebrating.

There were gains made across proficiency levels and the data showed achievement and growth across student populations. We’ve said all along that when high expectations are met with rigorous standards, and everyone in the classroom is accountable for success, our students will be on track for college and career choices.

We wanted to share with you our statement on the 2016-17 TNReady results and encourage you to take a look at the data and help celebrate these gains:

“Last week’s TNReady announcement is a signpost for success for all involved in Tennessee’s classrooms. The data shows our students are on the right track and are more ready to graduate with choices and opportunities for success in their futures. From 2017 TNReady results, we see achievement, progress, and momentum across all levels – outpacing previous growth.

“In short, the Tennessee way is working. Aligning high expectations to rigorous standards, ensuring equity across all student groups, and providing meaningful movement into proficiency, makes certain Tennessee’s students are on the right track for success for college and career opportunities.

“While data is a result of the 2017 High School TNReady assessment, we look forward with confidence to continued growth for every Tennessee student in the years to come.”

We’ll continue the work to encourage people, policies, and principles that help defend these notable gains and look forward to celebrating growth and achievement for every Tennessee student.

Summer Update – July 10, 2017

We are midway through Tristar Reads and we wanted to take a few minutes today to celebrate with you. We’ve signed up almost 300 Tennessee students who are committed to reading 20 minutes a day this summer!

When Tristar Reads began last year, we set out to help stop the summer slide – those months where our students stopped reading and when returning to school in August, had fallen behind their previous reading levels. We heard from teachers and knew if we encouraged students to keep reading over the summer, we could keep some of that slide from happening.

Thank you for being a part of that good work. By helping promote Tristar Reads, signing up your own K-12 readers, sharing the program on your social media feeds, or inviting us to share with your community groups, you are helping Tennessee’s students be ready for success this fall.

We aren’t finished! There are still two months left for Tristar Reads and we want to sign up as many readers as we can. Here’s a quick look at the details: any incoming or outgoing K-12 reader is eligible, readers (or their adult readers) need to sign them up at, and readers need to log the time they’ve read this summer at at least once before September 7th. We look forward to awarding three $1,000 college scholarships to our top three readers (one in K-5th, one in 6-8th, and one in 9-12th grades) at the conclusion of Tristar Reads.

Want more information? Drop us a note and make sure you’re following our Tristar Reads pages on social media.

Thanks for your help in making sure every Tennessee student is a Tristar Reader.

Weekly Update – June 5, 2017

We’re certain the Predators are going to win tonight.

And we like to celebrate success – success in the classroom, on the ice, inside a book – because it’s important to take a moment and see how far you’ve come. We thought we’d take a moment to celebrate and share just a few wins this year with Tennesseans for Student Success. We share these successes with you and couldn’t do this work without you.

– Protecting our Legislative Priorities in the General Assembly: After a long first session of the 110th General Assembly, we looked at the legislative priorities we set at the beginning of the year. We were glad to join with you in defending those priorities and principles to make sure every student in Tennessee had an opportunity to succeed. We’d like to share our 2017 Legislative Recap with you in case you missed it.

– Tristar Reads redesign and rollout: We know reading over the summer is one of the best things our students can do to keep their literacy skills sharp and that it is often forgotten in the thrill of summer break. We created Tristar Reads last year to encourage Tennessee’s students to read at least 20 minutes a day over the summer. This year, we rebranded, launched a new website, and doubled the scholarship amount to $1,000. Make sure the student readers in your life are signed up today for

– Deploying our Field Program: In classrooms and civic meetings across the state, our field staff is hard at work sharing the message of student success. They’ve celebrated #iLoveTNTeachers week, spoken at conferences, talked to community leaders, teachers, and parents about the needs of their classrooms, and brought teachers to Capitol Hill to meet with legislators and participate in committee meetings. We’d love to be involved in your community. Email us at and we’ll get our top-notch field team in touch with you.

These are just a few of the things we’re celebrating this summer. While they aren’t Tennessee students, we certainly are cheering on the Predators and hope to add winning the Stanley Cup to this list.