NASHVILLE – Tennesseans for Student Success is beginning the 2020 legislative session by outlining our policy pillars and how they affect student success. Our five pillars are higher academic standards, an aligned assessment to those standards, protecting accountability, innovation in education, and securing economic freedom for all. 

Why Aligned Assessments Matter: 

A good test serves as an academic check-in confirming our students are on track for success and that our teachers, schools, and districts are supporting their growth. Aligned assessments go hand in hand with high academic standards. We must measure what matters. We advocate for better annual assessments, not more tests, as a critical tool ensuring Tennessee’s classrooms are on the right path to success and that each student receives the support they need to achieve better outcomes.

Mr. Paul Troy, history educator from Hillsboro High School, shares about his experience with students and how aligned assessments, along with high expectations serve students well and prepare them for their future.

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