Last week we looked at why we champion accountability for everyone involved in the classroom.

It’s good that whether you are a teacher, student, parent, administrator, or elected official, you are accountable for student success. This week, we’re taking a look at why we fight for rigorous, Tennessee-specific standards and why those standards are a key to student success inside and outside our classrooms.

When students master the academic standards Tennessee’s educators, community leaders, and elected officials created for them, we know they are ready for success. For instance, when students are offered challenging Early Post Secondary Opportunities (EPSOs) and master them, we know they are more likely to excel in their college careers. When we raise the bar for success, we challenge our students to dig more deeply into what they are learning in our classrooms.

Tennessee has twice been named the fastest improving state in the nation in education – we celebrate these historic accomplishments! There is still work to be done so that every student, in every classroom is prepared for success. Rigorous academic standards are a key part of the work to continue moving Tennessee’s students forward.

Because we know our students can compete for college, jobs, and military service with students across the country; Because we know that Tennessee-specific standards help make certain Tennessee’s students are ready; Because we know high expectations make every difference in the lives of every student in Tennessee;

We advocate for rigorous, Tennessee-specific academic standards for every Tennessee student. Thank you for joining us in that work and helping make sure every student in Tennessee has an opportunity to succeed.