Tennesseans for Student Success builds authentic political power and influence to ensure the development and implementation of policies that support educational opportunities for all Tennesseans.

  • Authentic political power –  We continuously seek creative, dynamic, and cutting-edge strategies to expand and increase our ability to influence policy in the service of students; we do not settle for the status quo.
  • Influence – While a quality public education for all kids should be the norm, we are clear-eyed in the reality that political forces are at work and play a role in every policy decision that affects public education and not all of those forces prioritize students. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and every person in Tennessee with the power to positively influence their lives is duty-bound to do all they can to demand policy and politics puts kids first. Our strength is in being the conduit to leverage our relationships on behalf of millions of students and parents.
  • Development and implementation of policies – We work at the intersection of highly engaged partners and policymakers, which makes us a strong, leading advocate for advancing key reforms in public education.
  • Better student outcomes – We work every day to ensure today’s students are more prepared and have even more opportunities for success than those who graduated before them.