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New TNReady Vendor, Tristar Reads in its Final Month and More!

Our Education Advocacy and Leadership Summit’s are here! Stay up to date on the latest news with TSS here

It’s the last month to sign up for Tristar Reads if you haven’t yet, there’s still time! Keep reading for more updates and information.

New School Testing Vendor Solidified for Next Two Years

Recently, the Tennessee Department of Education solidified and signed a two-year contract with Pearson, a British-based student testing program worth almost $40 million. This contract began on July 1 and is welcome news for the future of our state’s testing structure and the students taking those tests.

Fun fact: Pearson is the worlds oldest and largest testing company. With two years to ensure the program is running smoothly, Tennessee will be able to renew its contract on a yearly basis through 2024, so Pearson can prove trustworthy before the state extends their agreement any further. 

At Tennesseans for Student Success, we support an aligned high-quality yearly assessment to measure what our students are learning and also highlight areas for improvement and provide professional development opportunities for educators.

Armored for Victory with Tristar Reads!

July is our LAST month of Tristar Reads, so be sure you get in on the action now before it’s too late!

Be sure to watch a special reading of The Bravest Knight with a knight himself here. During the Middle Ages, there were three main types of soldiers: foot soldiers, archers and knights. Knights were heavily armored soldiers who rode on horseback. Being armored for action with a trusted sidekick, knights are superheroes too!

Put on your armor and be a superhero this summer with Tristar Reads. Students in grades K-12 are eligible and will be entered for the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship! It’s not too late to sign up! 

Don’t miss out on important reminders and the weekly Superhero Challenge. Sign up for our weekly Tristar Reads email!

Education Advocacy and Leadership Summit

Today, we are kicking off our Education Advocacy and Leadership Summit in Knoxville, Tennessee, and next week we will be holding a summit in Nashville. We have these summits annually as a way to engage with educators, community leaders and parents who want to learn how to be an advocate for students in public education.

TSS provides 6 hours of professional development training and discussions with various organizations like the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE), state legislators, thought leaders and professionals in the community. We’re passionate about teaching others student-centered education reform and the history of Tennessee’s education system. If you weren’t able to make it this year, please reach out and we will get you on our list for next year’s summit.

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