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Weekly Update, March 18, 2019
Legislative session is in full swing, and we are monitoring key pieces of legislation to help ensure a focus on students remains at the forefront of educational progress in Tennessee.

Students Must Be at Forefront of Educational Progress

Our President and CEO, Adam Lister, recently penned an editorial in the Knoxville News Sentinel about how our state is “building a cathedral of opportunity” for students, and is poised to do even more to ensure students are prepared for the future.

Governor Lee’s GIVE Initiative Making Way Through Committees

Recently, we expressed our support of the Governor’s GIVE Initiative (HB949/SB805), which will make on-the-job training and dual enrollment opportunities more accessible for high school students to help better prepare them for postsecondary success.

The House Education is set to hear this piece of legislation on Wednesday. After a majority passage in the Senate Education Committee last week, the bill is on the calendar for the Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee for Tuesday.

Proposed Legislation to Update Charter School Authorization Process

On Wednesday, HB940/SB796 is calendared to be heard in the House Education Full Committee. Supported by the Lee Administration, this piece of legislation would provide a statewide public charter school authorizer. 

A statewide authorizer would increase the number of high-quality seats in public charter schools across Tennessee, address chronic facility issues in many low-income neighborhoods, and create a structured framework for the numerous authorizers working in Tennessee.

The bill is also set to be heard in the Senate Education Committee this week.

Tristar Reads Starting Soon!

Tristar Reads, a summer reading program that invites Tennessee students ages 5-18 to spend at least 20 minutes with a book each day, will be gearing up in the coming months.
Please keep an eye out for more details coming soon, and plan to help us make Tristar Reads another huge success this year!

Use Your Voice

Want to learn more about Tennesseans for Student Success and our legislative agenda? Visit our advocacy center here
Weekly Update, March 11, 2019
There is only one you. Recently, at the Tennesseans for Student Success Day on the Hill, our advocates heard from members about the importance and value of their voice and using it to influence public policy. 

At Tennesseans for Student Success, we have built an advocacy tool that gives you an opportunity to easily and efficiently send messages to your elected officials on key pieces of legislation impacted public education in Tennessee. 

 As this year’s session picks up its pace, take an opportunity to send a message today in support of the GIVE Act! We believe this legislation is an important step toward making sure every student in Tennessee has an opportunity to succeed when they leave our classrooms by giving students more opportunities to reach on-the-job training or dual enrollment credits while in high school. 

Use Your Voice

Want to learn more about TSS and our legislative agenda? Visit our advoacy center here