This week, we are discussing ways to use your superhero powers to represent wisdom and knowledge. Keep reading to learn about ways to use your Superhero powers for good AND for this week’s Superhero Challenge

What is Your Superhero Power?

Some superheroes have the power to see in the dark. Do you know what animal can see in the dark? Owls can!

Did you know owls are sometimes a symbol of learning? Even libraries and bookstores sometimes use pictures of owls to represent reading or wisdom. This could be because owls can see in the dark and detect things that others can’t see. They are silent, quick and keep to themselves. They usually have a watchful, thoughtful look!

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Our Superhero of the week is Ranger Shaun from Henry Horton State Park and he is sharing fun facts with us about owls. Visit the Park’s Storybook Trail to learn more.Check out his special reading of Little Owl’s Night now!

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Weekly Superhero Challenge!

Throughout the summer, we will be offering different Superhero Challenges each week– some may include additional prizes.

Superhero Challenge Week 7:

Send us a video of you reading a book about your favorite bird, use #tristarreadsaboutbirds and we will send you a treat! Also, don’t forget to log your time this week. ALL students who log time this week will be entered into a drawing for a gift card!