NASHVILLE – Tennesseans for Student Success is beginning the 2020 legislative session by outlining our policy pillars and how they affect student success. Read about our pillars here.

Why Protecting Accountability Matters: 

For students to succeed, there must be accountability for everyone involved in the classroom. From legislators to administrators, teachers and students, parents and, community volunteers, everyone has some responsibility for and contributes to the success, growth, and achievement of Tennessee’s students.

How do we hold everyone accountable? We measure success. Whether it’s student assessments, district report cards, teacher evaluations, or scorecards for legislators, we measure what we want to improve. Then we report those measures accurately and transparently, ensuring the tools for growth are available, and the focus remains on improving outcomes for students.

Mrs. Tameka Marshall, a third-grade teacher from Norman Binkley Elementary School, shares about the impact accountability has on the measurements and metrics used to capture growth among her students. Do you support good accountability systems in your schools? Let us know here.

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Click here to watch Mr. Troy talk about aligned assessments.

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