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Summer is Here, Grades are In: 2022 SuccessCard and TeamKid Hero Awards

Tennesseans for Student Success’ TeamKid PAC is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the 2022 SuccessCard. This annual voting record identifies the key education legislation we supported or opposed during the 2022 session of the Tennessee General Assembly. The SuccessCard grades the performance of state legislators when given the chance to champion numerous education policy priorities.  We applaud each legislator that stepped up when it mattered most, to support high quality public education.

2022 SuccessCard Methodology

All members of the General Assembly are scored based on their voting records and bill sponsorship. Given the nature of committee assignments, some legislators have more opportunity to vote on education policy than others. Voting in support of high-quality public education policy earns each member one (1) point per vote. Serving as a bill sponsor earns an additional 0.5 points. Sponsoring a bill in opposing high quality public education results 0.75 points deductions from a member’s voting score.

The 2022 TeamKid PAC SuccessCard contains performance ratings for nearly 50 bills, scoring each legislator’s committee and/or floor votes during the 2022 General Assembly session. We previously reported a summary of key bills from this year’s session. The scores of each legislator will be released next week, including legislator’s lifetime voting score on key education initiatives presented for their entire tenure in office.

TeamKid Hero Awards

Making top of the class on the SuccessCard are five legislators receiving the TeamKid Hero Award. The TeamKid Hero Award is given to members for their passionate service to improve public education for student in Tennessee. The Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement Act (TISA) was a monumental accomplishment, and a testament to the proactive leadership and bi-partisan collaboration our recipients.

2022 TeamKid Hero Award Recipients

Senators Jack Johnson (R – Franklin)

Senator Bo Watson (R – Hixon)

Senator London Lamar (D – Memphis)

State Representatives William Lamberth (R – Portland)

State Representative Chris Hurt (R – Halls)



We applaud these and many other legislators for taking the opportunity to elevate important public education policy initiatives. Honorable mentions are most deserved for Representative Mark White who tirelessly sponsored numerous education bills through committee, including TISA. As well as Senator Dawn White, for her continued efforts for increased CTE pathway opportunities across the state. Together, our elected officials protected key legislation that will champion higher standards, support aligned assessment, protect accountability, innovate, and secure economic opportunity for students and communities statewide.

How did you legislator perform? Get notified when our 2022 SuccessCard is released by using our email sign-up tool today.

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