TSS is passionate about student-centered reforms and ensuring Tennessee’s students are well equipped for college, career, and life. Through literacy programs and accountability measures, TSS is working to make sure that legislative bodies are filled with leaders who will prioritize the needs of Tennessee’s students and act with a sense of urgency. Through our various initiatives, we hope to engage more of our community in hopes of championing student success for all involved.

TSS Action Network

Our Action Network provides you with up-to-date alerts either via email or text on issues affecting Tennessee's students. We will send you only the most urgent issues seeking your input on how these policies impact students and how you can raise your voice for student success.

Tristar Reads

Tristar Reads is an annual contest designed to encourage children across the Volunteer State to read for at least 20 minutes a day during the summer break. The program is open to all Tennessee students in kindergarten through 12th grade and $1,000 scholarships...


Our SuccessCard is published to ensure parents, teachers, and advocates for high-quality public education have, at their fingertips, a detailed analysis of each legislative session, its impact on education outcomes, and an easy-to-understand report...