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Be a LitterHero with Tristar Reads!

Help keep Tennessee beautiful this summer with Tristar Reads! We are discussing ways to educate people and help them learn this week. Read below on ways to show off how you’re a superhero this summer AND for this week’s Superhero Challenge

Educate Others This Summer!

Don’t be a Litterbug, be a LitterHERO! Help keep your streets clean. An estimated 51 billion pieces of litter wind up on America’s roads and roadsides every year, according to the non-profit group Keep America Beautiful.

About 85 percent of all littering is the result of individual choices. By educating people and encouraging them to read, you change behaviors and may be able to reduce the amount of litter that accumulates on the ground. 

Be sure to sign up for Tristar Reads if you haven’t yet and are the parent of or are a student in grades K-12. After you sign up, you’ll also have the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship!

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Our superhero this week is The Talking Tree of Greene County!

She helps educate students on the importance of having a clean environment and being sure to pick up after yourselves and the community. We must all work together to keep Tennessee beautiful!  

Be sure to watch the special reading–Watch now!

Weekly Superhero Challenge!

Throughout the summer, we will be offering different Superhero Challenges each week– some may include additional prizes.

Superhero Challenge Week 6:

Let us see you picking up litter! Post pictures or videos with #tristarreadslitterhero, and we will send you a treat!

Also, don’t forget to log your time this week. We will be doing a random drawing for a gift card to students who log time this week.

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