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Five Steps to Improving Public Education

Tennesseans for Student Success (TSS) is a statewide network of parents, guardians, teachers and community leaders that champions economic freedom and mobility for all Tennesseans by supporting high-quality educational opportunities and working to ensure every Tennessee student has access to a great public education. The five policy priorities we advocate are championing higher standards, supporting an aligned assessment, protecting accountability, innovating in education and securing economic freedom for all.

Championing Higher Standards

Students will rise to the expectations we set for them. From kindergarten to graduation, today’s students need a strong foundation and a variety of skills and abilities to succeed and achieve better life outcomes. High academic standards in today’s classrooms help make sure all students are prepared for tomorrow’s challenge.

Supporting an Aligned Assessment

Annual tests aligned with rigorous academic standards provide critical information to teachers, parents, schools and districts. A good test allows for educators and administrators to not only know how a student is digesting curriculum, but also what supports are needed to obtain ultimate student achievement.

Protecting Accountability

In order for students to succeed, there must be accountability for everyone involved in public education. Whether it is student assessments, district report cards, teacher evaluations or scorecards for legislators, we are constantly measuring for success and areas of improvement. We work diligently to report our findings through various local channels so that you know exactly where your public officials stand and how their actions impact your student.

Innovating in Education

Every student in Tennessee – no matter their background, their family’s income or where they are from – deserves to learn in a top-notch public school that meets their individual learning needs and prepares them for a lifetime of success. Public education is not a one-size-fits-all approach, therefore proven and effective education strategies must always be embraced. Innovation in education is crucial to maximizing student success.

Securing Economic Freedom for All

As the global workforce evolves, it is ever important to improve alignment among student instruction, industry needs, postsecondary options and teacher preparation. Developing the necessary skills to achieve economic independence is a key measure of student success. Now more than ever, Tennessee students have the ability to seamlessly transition from high school to college. We advocate for policies that strengthen pathways to postsecondary credentials, increase retention and completion and ensure today’s students are set up to attain their goals and build a lifetime of success.

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