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Innovating in Education with National Charter Schools Week

This week is National Charter School Week, and we are pleased to recognize and celebrate all the charter schools that make Tennessee such an innovative place to learn.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public, tuition-free, enrollment free school open to all students. These schools are independently operated schools that have the freedom to design classrooms that meet the needs of their students. Charter schools are unique in that they have the flexibility to adjust their curriculum to fit best the students they serve. Many charter schools operate in neighborhoods with historically underserved students providing them with nontraditional learning environments and wrap-around services, which provide them with greater opportunities for success. These schools provide families with options in public education to help grow and enrich the full breadth of a child’s development.

Hearing from a local charter school leader:

Danny Song, Believe Memphis Charter School Head of School, shares with us what makes Believe stand out among the rest and why leading his school is so rewarding.

At Believe, we know that more than flashy one-time events, it is the daily, almost mundane rituals adhered to consistently that builds a culture and a community of a school. We know there are no single 100% solutions; rather there are one hundred 1% solutions. A 1% solution to building a game-changing school at Believe is a daily community circle. This ritual provides an opportunity for us to unify around our values and mission as a school. We talk about why we are here, together, and the community we seek to build as a school.

Every day, we recite our Badger Creed: We are Believe Memphis Academy Badgers. We believe in ourselves, our community, and the future we will create. With ambition, determination, and gusto, we set and achieve our loftiest goals. We show empathy and respect for all people. Badgers remain steadfast in our mission to excel in high school, thrive in college, and lead lives full of opportunity.

One School. One Mission.

Why charter school’s matters:

In Tennessee, we have charter schools that focus on STEM, computer science, environmental science, and college prep, to name a few. These options provide students with innovative opportunities to attend a public school with a unique focus and engage students in learning in creative ways.

Watch Ms. Brittany Middlebrooks, the Assistant Principal from KIPP Academy Nashville, talk about what makes their school’s math program so unique and advanced. She also addresses how KIPP Nashville is equipping its students to be prepared for college, career, and success in life.

Show your support of public charter schools by sending an email to your legislator to express your appreciation of charter schools in Tennessee. We’ve made it really simple for you to do so, just click here.

Photo credit to Kenney Photography.

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