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Inside TNSuccess: July 27

Announcing the 2020 TNSuccessCard 

Keeping our elected officials accountable to the decisions that affect Tennessee’s one million students is essential in keeping voters informed and engaged on education reform issues. That’s why, each year, TSS releases our TNSuccessCard to keep voters aware and up-to-date on how their local legislators are prioritizing Tennessee kids. For more information, check out the press release here

Interested in learning about what grade your legislator earned? Find out at

Tennessee COVID-19 Update

The following updates are from Governor Bill Lee’s press conference last Wednesday:

  • The announcement of a $150 million grant fund targeted at assisting nonprofit organizations providing services directly related to COVID-19. The eligible expenses may date back to the State of Emergency order issued on March 1, and the grant will cover qualified expenses through November when the State of Emergency order is scheduled to expire. Applications to participate in the grant fund will become available on August 1 on the Tennessee Department of Human Services’ website. A link to the official press release containing additional information about the grants can be found here.
  • An additional $115 million will be distributed to local governments to offset costs incurred from their response to the pandemic. Eligible expenses include: medical expenses, public health expenses, payroll expenses related to COVID-19, public health compliance expenses, other reasonably necessary expenses incurred in response to the COVID-19 health emergency. A link to the official press release containing additional information regarding the relief funds can be found here.
  • A new PSA campaign launched last week, encouraging Tennesseans to engage in wearing masks. A link to the official press release can be found here.
  • The Department of Education is awaiting CDC guidance around school reopening. Additionally, the Department of Education and Department of Health indicated their plan to announce their guidance for schools to safely return to an in-class setting on Tuesday, July 28.

Join Our Back to School Webinar

TSS, in partnership with TennesseeCAN, is hosting an online discussion with diverse voices from across the state about your concerns and questions regarding schools reopening and the best way for your child to learn this fall.

Bring your unique perspective on Wednesday, July 29 at 11 am CT and hear from a panel of parents, teachers, school leaders, and state legislators on going back to school this fall. 

Inside Equity with Pionero Scholars at Lipscomb University

Every day, TSS works to improve, through policy and politics, public education. Our mission is to build political power and influence to ensure the development and implementation of policies that support educational opportunity is for ALL Tennesseans. Read more about our response from President & CEO Adam Lister here.

We are pleased to welcome Laura Delgado, program director for Lipscomb University’s Pionero Scholars Program with the College of Education. Pionero Scholars is a grow-your-own program that recognizes, awards, and hires local students to teach in their own communities post-graduation. They aim to create a culture of diversity and break barriers that would prevent students from pursuing a career in education.

Read our full interview with Program Director, Laura Delgado here

TSS BLOG: Voting, Elections, and Questions You Might Be Scared to Ask

In this two-part blog series, we will be addressing all the intimidating questions that you may or may not be wanting to ask about voting, elections, and the roles of government officials and the school board. 

With early voting in full swing (and ending on Friday!), it’s essential to know why the election process matters and how it impacts Tennesseans. Read along with us and drop us a line if you have any questions that are still lingering for you about the election process. Click here to read. 

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