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Legislative Update – Week of April 10, 2017

Easter is around the corner and we know things are probably hopping at your house, so we’ll quickly let you know what’s hatching this week. As always, let us know if you have any questions and we’ll make sure we get back to you and not lay an egg (we’re done with Easter puns now).

Some great news! Over the past several months, we’ve shared concerns about legislation that would be harmful to Tennessee classrooms and to student success.

We’re glad to let you know the following bills have been taken off notice and not expected to come up for a vote this session:

House Bill 354 – hamstring the work of the Achievement School District – taken off notice
House Bill 353 – prevent smart, planned growth of the ASD – taken off notice
House Bill 570 – introduce partisan politics to management of local school districts – taken off notice
House Bill 793 – limit the work to recruit and retain successful superintendents – taken off notice
House Bill 795 – establish untested process to review and potentially undermine the state’s accountability system – taken off notice
House Bill 1104 – prevent each student in Tennessee from a top-notch education and undermines the work of parents and teachers across the state to establish Tennessee-specific academic standards – taken off notice
House Bill 1129 – limit school board ability to address failing schools – taken off notice
House Bill 1312 – prevent measurement and growth of students in early grades – taken off notice

As you can see, it’s been a busy legislative session so far. We can’t thank you enough for your work in helping make sure these bills didn’t become law.

One last thing, House Bill 308 was up for a vote in the House tonight. We’re excited to let you know it’s now unanimously passed both the House and Senate, and is on the way to the Governor for his signature. We’re in favor of this legislation and are encouraged by the efforts to strengthen accountability for everyone involved in the classroom.

Thanks for all you continue to do for Tennessee’s students. We hope you have a egg-stra  special Easter!

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