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#SendTeachersLove During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are incredibly instrumental in the lives of our students in and outside of the classroom. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, TSS would like to take a moment to recognize those educators who have been nominated by their colleagues, friends, and parents for the exemplary role they play in educating and leading student’s lives.

Now more than ever, we want to thank teachers for the support and guidance they provide to their students through online teaching and learning to adapt during these uncertain times. We’re grateful for the various ways teachers have persevered through this season, and it is our pleasure to honor the teachers who were nominated this week. Join us as we celebrate together.

Carter Chapel from Trousdale County Elementary School

“My youngest daughter is in Ms. Carter’s 4th-grade class, and she has told us many times that she is an incredible teacher. Just from the examples I have seen over the course of our stay-at-home order alone, I completely agree! She is keeping her students engaged through poetry, problem-solving, creative writing, science experiments, and plain old fun. That can be challenging at any time, much less in the midst of a pandemic. I appreciate her care for her students as she checks in with them weekly and responds to their submissions with encouragement. My daughter has developed more confidence in herself and her own unique talents throughout this school year, due to Ms. Carter’s push to get her to challenge herself. We very much appreciate Ms. Carter and would be thrilled for her to be recognized as one of the best teachers around!”

Emelie Colmery from Norman Binkley Elementary School

“Emelie advocates for all students all the time. She leaves no stone unturned as she prepares for working with students and colleagues. She provides an exemplar work ethic and leads her team and students with a permanent smile on her face.”

Beverly Goodman from Oak Ridge Schools

“Bev teaches early Childhood Education Careers and coaches cheerleading. One of her students was in need of foster care, so Bev took her in. She is a great parent! She has made it possible, not only for this student to graduate in 2020 in this time of COVID-19, but secured funding for her to go on to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Tennessee.”

Rob Dyer from Bearden High School

“Rob teaches auto mechanics through the career technical education (CTE) program. He is awesome because these students are learning skills that will help them after they graduate. Some students will go on to be certified and it’s all because Rob is an excellent teacher.”

Dreama Feezell from Northshore Elementary School

“Mrs. Feezell is SO caring and she values the Arts in Education. She has recognized my son’s drawing talent and also teaches a painting class (which he loves!) after school. Her golden retriever is a certified HABIT dog and comes to school on Fridays so the kids can practice reading to her!!”

Jazmine Orozco from LEAD Cameron

“Ms. Orozco has an unmatched pool of love for her 8th graders. In every action she does, her heart for her students shines through. From digital book clubs, to sending letters home, this virtual learning has not stopped Ms. Orozco from reaching her students with the same amount of passion as during the “regular” school year. I know that her students are being taken care of during these crazy times and are not just surviving but thriving on the love Ms. Orozco pours onto her students.”

A huge THANK YOU to the teachers across the state who are committed to student success!

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