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To hear you is to honor you

Good afternoon,

Just one week ago, the nation was left speechless and heartbroken by the tragic and senseless death of Mr. George Floyd, captured in nine agonizing minutes by cell phone video. Mr. Floyd’s death demonstrated for the country what black families have known for years, that their experience in the criminal justice and educational system is different from whites. Deep generational and structural problems have not yet begun to heal because we have not yet begun to hear.

Every day, Tennesseans for Student Success works to improve, through policy and politics, public education. Our mission is to build political power and influence to ensure the development and implementation of policies that support educational opportunity is for ALL Tennesseans. If we aim to fulfill this mission, we must be intentional in our outreach, seeking to understand the needs, challenges, struggles, and fears of and work in partnership with black families in Tennessee.

While Tennesseans for Student Success’s commitment to improving public education will never wane, it should always take time to do what is right. We acknowledge your anger. We hear your frustration and grieve your broken hearts. We want to hear more from you and will approach our work building genuine partnerships, to support your children, by listening and showing our commitment with open ears and open hearts.


Adam Lister

TSS President & CEO

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