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TRISTAR READS: Nature is Magic

This week, we tagged along with Rep. Love as he reads “Patience, Please” from the Berenstain Bears series by Mike Berenstain. He also shares about the benefits of Tristar Reads, so join him on Facebook here or click below. 

It’s hard to believe there are only three weeks left of Tristar Reads. As school has officially started in most districts in Tennessee, we’re convening parents, educators, and education reform friends alike in an open discussion with a panelist of state legislators, school leaders, and teachers on September 2nd at 3 pm CT. We’d love to have you join. RSVP here.

Nature is Magic

Many of the things we’ve been talking about all summer long have centered around growing, learning, engaging, and exercising your mind and body during the summer. Most summers have numerous opportunities for different types of activities for students, but this summer hasn’t looked like most. That said, an integral part of a student’s growth and joy can be found in nature. Nature can be very grounding and can be utilized as a tool for kids and adults alike to disconnect from technology and the boredom of being indoors and observe and explore all that the outdoors has to offer.

Further, kids have the ability to social distance once they’re outdoors to run around and be free. What does your family do outdoors? Any ideas for your fellow Tristar Reads friends? Check out our challenge this week as we engage more in the great outdoors – for the health of our body and mind. 

We’re in the Home Stretch 

Tristar Reads has THREE WEEKS left so we wanted to remind you again to:

1. Keep logging your hours to because we’ll want to have those in place as we calculate the winners at the beginning of September. If you missed recording reading hours earlier in the year, you are welcome to backlog those hours to count for the competition. 

2. Keep reading books – even as school starts – and keep reading aloud to your kiddos. It’s such a great way to engage with your kids and stimulate a growing part of their brain. 

3. Keep staying engaged with the Tennessee legislature by using your voice for Tennessee kids. Election Day was yesterday, but you can still engage with your local legislators by sending them an email about questions or concerns you have for your student and schools regarding COVID-19 here.

*TSR Challenge of the Week*

Share with us the activities your family has done outside, the activities your kids like to do outside, or the plans you have for future outdoor fun. We can’t wait to spread the ideas with everyone!

Submit your entry by replying to this email. Select winners will receive a free book to read! 

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