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TSS Policy Priorities: Why Innovating in Education Matters

NASHVILLE – Tennesseans for Student Success is beginning the 2020 legislative session by outlining our policy pillars and how they affect student success. Read about our pillars here.  

Why Innovation in Education Matters: 

Every student in Tennessee, no matter their zip code, deserves to learn in a top-notch Tennessee public school that meets their individual needs and prepares them for their future.

When educators and leaders are free to provide educational opportunities that meet the needs of their students and their region of the state, the results can be extraordinary. The opportunity to be innovative should be welcomed in all Tennessee public schools.

Public education isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to student success. Many students, teachers, and classrooms flourish in traditional public-school settings. For most students across Tennessee, the best option for a high-quality public education can be found at their neighborhood schools. No matter how or where a student learns, Tennessee’s public schools must be able to adopt the best practices for student learning and provide innovative opportunities to ensure success for each student.

Ms. Brittany Middlebrooks, an assistant principal from KIPP Academy Nashville, shares with us about the innovative and student-centered approach their school takes within their math curriculum. This approach helps elevate student thinking so they are able to build on the skills they’ve already learned to expand their knowledge base.

Click here to watch Ms. Middlebrooks talk about the innovative things KIPP Nashville is doing.

Please click here to take our Issue Survey to share your thoughts on innovation and other policy areas affecting students in our state.

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