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Weekly Update – July 16, 2018

“There is no more important issue than public education.”

That truth directs all our work at Tennesseans for Student Success. It’s the why for our what. It’s the reason we’re engaging in efforts to remind voters about the people, policies, and priorities that drive student success.

It’s also a key part of our President and CEO Adam Lister’s recent op-ed in The Tennessean. We wanted to share it in full here and hope you share it with your networks:

Every two years, we gather at our polling locations and choose the men and women who will lead our state, craft our budgets, and chart a course for our future. It is important work we do to choose those leaders, and all of it hinges on a citizenry that not only is informed on the issues but knows where those seeking to represent them stand on those issues.

There is no more important issue than public education.

For the second year, Tennesseans for Student Success has released a Legislative TNSuccessCard Scorecard. Giving to you the information you need in a clear and transparent way, the TNSuccessCard is a helpful and concise tool for understanding how and where our legislature supports one of the single greatest issues of our time.

By supporting and implementing four main policy priorities (high academic standards, an aligned assessment, more choices in public education, and accountability for everyone involved in the classroom), the Tennessee General Assembly has, thankfully, signaled to all of us that we will carry out the important work necessary for ongoing student success. The work of the past few years has resulted in numerous accolade for our students, teachers, and districts.

When it comes to improving public education, we’re a state on the rise and a model for the nation.

This success is something you champion as well. Over the past 14 months, we’ve conducted a large-scale outreach effort and spoken with over 140,000 Tennesseans. Among likely voters, 25% believe improving public education is a top priority, while everyone we spoke with ranks “improving public education” as one of their top three issues this year. That’s why we created the TNSuccessCard and know it will be a helpful tool for making an informed, engaged electoral choice.

Our classrooms deserve elected officials who advocate for student success. Whether by sponsoring legislation, pushing back against harmful amendments, or by serving as a strong, consistent voice for the policies that have led to Tennessee’s rise in nationwide rankings, the people we send to Nashville must send a clear signal that improving public education for all Tennessee students is their top priority. There will be many conversations and choices to bring us winning candidates in November. We are confident that when evaluating the work of our elected officials openly and honestly, and placing a priority on the issue that matters most in our great state, Tennessee’s students will be the ultimate winners.

As you head to the polls in the next few weeks (click here for voting locations), know how thankful we are for the work you do for Tennessee’s future.

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