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Weekly Update – May 3, 2016

There’s a great word in Louisiana – lagniappe – that means a little something extra. We’re calling this week’s update “Lagniappe” because we’re giving you a little something extra of lots of different things. Enjoy!

– If you subscribe to the Tennessean, you might have recognized a familiar face in yesterday’s paper. Our op-ed ran online Sunday and in print today, and we’re excited to share it with you now. It starts with one simple sentence—We believe in public education—this, and the belief that every child in Tennessee deserves a top-notch public education, are at the core of all we do. Take a few moments to read it, let us know what you think, and share it with the education advocates in your life.

–  72%. 83%. 89%. These are just a few of the results of recent polls we commissioned in April. Over the next several months, we will be surveying voters on the policies that have led Tennessee to become the fastest improving state in the nation in education. In one poll, 72% of those surveyed wanted to see higher academic standards, 83% saw the value in a yearly assessment, and 89% supported accountability for everyone involved in our classrooms. Here’s a recent article on our polling to read and share.

– Teachers, parents, and students deserve a test that works. Measurement Inc’s continued failure to meet the timeline they set for delivery of the state’s annual assessment is justifiably frustrating. Parents and teachers deserve to know how their children and students are progressing toward their academic goals and we echo their disappointment that Tennessee’s 3rd through 8th students won’t have an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of those goals this year.

We continue to believe there remains great value in a yearly assessment for everyone involved in our classrooms. We will continue to aggressively support an assessment that provides teachers and parents with real, valuable information to improve instruction and support student learning while calling on the state’s vendors to meet their obligations and avoid future delivery breakdowns.

– This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we know you share our love and admiration for Tennessee’s teachers. Be sure you’re following our Facebook and Twitter pages this week for some fun activities.

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